Feasibility & Study Start-Up
Protocol Development, Feasibility, and Global Site Selection
Improving Study Start-up and Performance in Multi-Center and Decentralized Trials

Identifying the most appropriate sites, and effectively partnering to streamline site activation, start-up, and operations is a daunting task. The convergence of the pandemic, regulation changes, patient- and site-centricity, DEI, real-world data, new analytics capabilities, digital and decentralized site and patient partnership models are challenging traditional feasibility methodologies. SCOPE’s Feasibility & Study Start-Up track will explore new approaches to overcome these challenges. The Feasibility and Global Site Selection track will explore analytics-driven global site selection, patient- and site-centric approaches to planning and execution, and creative solutions to reduce site burden. The Site Activation, Study Start-up & Performance Optimization track will delve into strategies to support sites through operational hurdles, new approaches to support DEI goals, and technologies and processes to improve study deployment.

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