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Thank you for joining us at the 15th Annual SCOPE Summit!

The 15th Annual SCOPE Summit, held from February 11th to 14th, 2024, at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida, concluded with resounding success and unparalleled engagement. With a remarkable turnout of 4,000 participants and more than 275 exhibits from over 1,200 distinct organizations, representing 29 countries, the event underscored its status as a premier gathering for all stakeholders driving innovation to improve clinical operations, trials, and research.

Key Highlights:

  • Diverse Participation: The summit boasted an impressive attendance, with 58% of participants holding decision-making roles, ensuring fruitful discussions and valuable networking opportunities among industry leaders and stakeholders.
  • Comprehensive Program: Featuring 28 distinct conferences spanning three days, the summit offered a rich tapestry of discussions covering all facets of clinical trial operations, innovation, and research. Attendees were treated to an array of topics aimed at addressing the latest challenges and advancements in the field. SCOPE also featured two user groups with coverage of AI and Digital Phenotyping as well as Optimizing Clinical Trials.
  • Keynote Sessions: Three plenary keynote sessions served as focal points, delivering insights from renowned thought leaders and experts, providing invaluable perspectives on the future of clinical research and operational excellence.
  • Recognition and Awards: The summit celebrated excellence with the 8th annual Participant Engagement Awards and introduced the inaugural Site Innovation Award, acknowledging exemplary contributions and innovations in modernizing clinical trials . SCOPE also featured the 2024 Best of Show Awards offering exhibitors of the SCOPE Summit an exclusive opportunity to distinguish and highlight their products.
  • Special Events: Multiple cross-department (and cross organizational?) panels facilitated interdisciplinary dialogues, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. Additionally, the 3rd annual Master of Clinical Research golf tournament provided a relaxed yet productive environment for networking and camaraderie.
  • Networking Opportunities: Beyond formal sessions, attendees enjoyed social events such as the Big Game Tailgate Party and a boutique investor conference, further enhancing opportunities for forging meaningful connections and partnerships. SCOPE had unparalleled networking opportunities with more than 1,200 one on one networking meetings.
  • Global Reach: With representation from 29 countries, the summit showcased its international significance, fostering a truly global exchange of ideas and best practices in clinical research and operations.

Key Themes and Takeaways:

  • Embracing Innovation: Discussions highlighted the imperative of embracing technological advancements and innovative approaches to enhance clinical trial efficiency and patient engagement while reducing site and patient burden.
  • Collaboration and Partnership: The summit emphasized the importance of collaboration across diverse stakeholders, including sponsors, CROs, sites, and patients, to drive transformative change and accelerate drug development.
  • Patient-Centricity: A recurring theme centered on placing patients at the heart of clinical research, emphasizing the need for tailored, patient-centric approaches to trial design, recruitment, and retention.
  • Regulatory Landscape: Insights into evolving regulatory requirements and compliance standards provided attendees with valuable guidance on navigating the complex regulatory landscape effectively.

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SCOPE Summit 2024 Testimonials

I wanted to send you a quick message to express my gratitude and relay how much I enjoyed SCOPE. What a monumental success – you know how to rock a conference!
Director of Research Operations, Mary Crowley Cancer Research

SCOPE Orlando was just fantastic to attend. The energy and enthusiasm from everyone was quite significant. The panel discussion and presentations were truly insightful and enjoyable to learn from. The conversations just kept flowing and I now have, not just connections but newfound relationships with wonderful people across the industry. Thanks for creating the space for flourishment in the industry.
Senior Sales Consultant, Windmill Digital

'Thank You' for an incredible SCOPE 2024 conference and the opportunity to present and moderate a panel session. There was such a high level of energy and excitement during the 4 days. Great sessions, networking, and seeing colleagues.
Consultant, Executive Leader

SCOPE Summit is such a well-run, content rich, and fun conference! Looking forward to adding our PALADIN resources to ClinEco.
Project Manager, Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development

Thank you so much for being so flexible and supportive – the whole team made the experience super positive
Associate Principal, ZS

SCOPE Summit was an amazing experience. Kind of like the option overload but in a good way like going to a theme park or big city, so much to do and learn and so many people to meet. Again, the truly amazing job you and your team have done to make this such an epic event. I hope our panel session was engaging and valuable to those who attended it.
Clinical Research Lead (CRL) Associate Director – Investigator Engagement
Clinical Research Investigator Engagement Delivery & Capabilities, Eli Lilly and Company

I would also like to thank you for the opportunity to attend SCOPE and for all your help during the preparation. It was a great event with lots of interesting and enthusiastic people and great discussions! I enjoyed it a lot, learned a lot and definitely came back with new ideas!
Consultant, Roche Pharma

Hear what a few people had to say about SCOPE Summit 2023:

The SCOPE 2023 conference marked an exciting inflection point for the clinical trial industry as the future of clinicaltrials is unfolding. With the caliber of tracks, sessions, speakers, panels resulting in timely and provocative topics, SCOPE has become an important meeting that can't be missed. I left the conference thinking about how much we as an industry have evolved, how much more there is to do and how SCOPE is a great meeting place for advancing the industry.
Founder, Hawthorne Effect, Inc.

It was truly a pleasure participating in this excellent SCOPE Investor and Innovation Conference. It was my first SCOPE experience and I will be back!
Global Head, Healthcare + Life Sciences, Amazon Web Services LLC

Software innovation in the clinical domain, and pharma more broadly, is one of our top priorities – SCOPE is a fantastic venue to get together with thought leaders, innovators, and of course our portfolio companies sharing our passion for the space”
Vice President, Insight Partners

It was really worth the time and effort to come back to SCOPE after 7 years and I was just delighted to see the growth over these years. The sessions were informative, and the Exhibit hall filled with emerging and established organizations, many of whom I interacted with over the 4 days.
Head, Clinical Partner Management

I really enjoyed SCOPE over the years. I have attended four times so far. The topics are innovative and cutting edge and it is cross functional.
PhD, Senior Director and Head of Statistical Innovation Statistical Sciences and Analytics Data and
Statistical Sciences, Abbvie

This was my first SCOPE US and I enjoyed it very much – it was great to meet so many new people, connect names to faces and have thought-provoking discussions.
Senior Director, AstraZeneca

It was my first SCOPE Investor and Innovation Conference and it was such an eye-opening event to meet talents with very different background to discuss the achievement and future gaps in Clinical Research, Digital Health, Health Service Providers. The network opportunity is amazing!
PhD, Managing Director, Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund

I appreciate the opportunity provided to me to attend and present at SCOPE Summit. This is a wonderful event and I loved every bit of the ideas shared by the many speakers on the evolving landscape of clinical trials and also to hear from other therapeutic areas in the Lifesciences and BioPharma industry.
Sr. Manager, Clinical Systems, Transcatheter Mitral & Tricuspid Therapies

The pleasure is all mine to participate as a chair and speaker at the Summit. I always learn so much about the current trends in clinical research and look forward to seeing new innovation.
Clinical Research Project, NIH, NINDS

This was first time attending SCOPE for me and I was very impressed by the quality and breadth of topics discussed. I got great questions and excellent follow-up networking and requests for more data around patient engagement, and minorities recruitment. Several of people from audiences asked if they could see any follow-up data on these topics and the cancer moonshot project in general in the next SCOPE meeting.
Program Director, Biorepositories and Biospecimen Research Branch (BBRB), Cancer Diagnosis
Program Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis, National Cancer Institute

Nothing compares to bringing together startups, investors and ultimate acquirers/customers in a specific market. The SCOPE Investor track delivered this in spades for the clinical trial market.”
Founder & Managing Partner, SPRIG Equity

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to attend SCOPE. It was a wonderful experience. I learned so much and left with so many ideas, connections,and a world record certificate.
Clinical Research, Fordham School of Social Service

I wanted to express our sincerest thanks for all the hard work in organizing SCOPE. Your team’s professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence were evident throughout the event and it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of it!
Product Marketing Manager, StudyKIK

THANK YOU!!!!! Such a fun event.The SCOPE conference was absolutely incredible this year. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity and looking forward to participating in the conference in 2024.
Vice President, Clinical Site Start Up, Site Engagement, Trial Optimization, Takeda

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